SketchUp Viewer for Oculus Quest

@MikeTadros Since it has been almost a year… are there any updates or progress regarding an official SketchUp Viewer for the Oculus Quest…?
Thank you.

Oculus changed their app to support Quest. You need a Link compatible cable, with that the Quest does work with the Windows version of SketchUp Viewer. I don’t know what’s happening in terms of an installable app version.

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Hello Colin,
‘Windows’ version…? Does this also support the ‘Mac’ version as well…?
I want to confirm before I invest on the compatible cable.

All VR and mixed reality headsets at the moment require Windows. They work ok on a Mac running Bootcamp, but not at an ideal frame rate. A standalone app for Quest wouldn’t need a computer at all.

Holy c"#¤. is amazing

This is what a VR mode should look like.


Yes, yes it is.
Its fantastic as a SU model viewer, as an editor, its toolset and workflow is great, not perfect but great.
You can work seamlessly between headset and desktop, its also great fun.
VR for this type of thing (generally) still has its interface hurdles to overcome for precision and numerical input sort of stuff. ‘Freeform’ modelling seems to suit the interface mode, Gravity Sketch is a good example, which is a absolutely incredible piece of software.

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Why am I getting strong astroturfing vibes here? :slight_smile:

Need to clean the dust off my Quest out and check how far the VR apps have evolved now. Seems there has been some good development overall.


There has indeed been some very good development. There is still friction, and many things are just obvs much quicker with a mouse and keyboard as VR doesnt have the ‘range’ of input (keyboard tool modifiers are a good example) but its still come a long way. Deffo worth dusting off the Quest.

Hi everyone,

As @bifterx and others are dusting off their Quest headsets, make sure to check out the new SketchUp Viewer for Quest that is now live on the App Lab. This is not an authoring tool like VR Sketch reviewed here by @tfosseli but I would still love to hear your thoughts on it.

If you have a Quest 2 or Quest Pro device, head over to this page, sign in with your Meta account and click “Get” to install the new app. You can also find it in the Store inside your Quest device, or on your mobile Quest app by searching “SketchUp Viewer” . SketchUp Viewer for Quest is available to all users (including Free and Classic users). All you need is a Trimble ID.

If you want to find out more about this release check out the announcement page here.

Looking forward to hear what everyone thinks!


Works grate. @Aristodimos. :smiley:

Frankly this is basically all you need for a minimum VR mode. BUT! (As we talked about.) This version without any authoring tools should be an offering that is for free.

Because the people who will actually use this the most is our clients. Giving them the option to view “their” models in 1:1 scale at home is mind-blowing to them.

But their is a 0%chance that my client would want to pay a premium subscription to simply view the models that they have already paid me to build.

But on that note, I could actually access my models even though I don’t have a pro subscription anymore (only have my perpetual classic license from 2021.)

So if that’s the case moving forward. = :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Hi @Aristodimos Just tested the viewer on Quest2. My impressions after a few minutes;

  • It works nicely out of the box. From SketchUp just upload a model to Trimble connect, in the Quest open that project and you’re in. :+1:
  • The teleport ‘walk’ mode also works nicely. Any chance the continuous movement mode might be added at some point? I think it would be a nice option - especially for more seasoned VR users (the architects who design the 3d models for instance). To me, it changes the impression a bit you get from the 3d design - the way the perspective / space slowly changes is part of the experience.
  • I ran into a problem; I changed a few things in a 3d model , re-uploaded to Trimble connect and now I can’t open that updated model in the Quest. The timestamp is updated but after clicking the file, the open-menu just appears again. Opening and closing the default office doesn’t help. Suggestions?

I’m curious if any graphics upgrades are planned. SketchUp’s graphics options are pretty basic (color + texture + opacity) but while modelling that isn’t really a big problem. For making more realistic images, people use third party solutions. But when you’re in a project in VR, those basic visuals - to me - are really in your face and distracting. Maybe that’s intended and we should use a third party solution for better visuals in VR as well (Twinmotion, Unreal etc) ?

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Hi @tfosseli

Thank you for trying out the new app.

Below some responses to your comments

This is actually the case! The app is free for all users (including Free and Classic users). All they needs for access is to create a Trimble ID which is free, and also gives them access to a Trimble Connect Personal account, so you can even invite them to shared projects!


Hi @maxB

Thanks a bunch for testing out the app.

Below some responses on your comments:

Awesome! great to hear :slight_smile:

This is great feedback and we do have a continuous walk mode in the roadmap. If you are interested I can send you an early build once we have it :slight_smile:

I will get the team to look into this one asap.

This is also very valuable feedback. While there are some great third party solutions out there you can also try out the Trimble Connect Visualizer that now also works as a SU extension and has a VR mode (unfortunately only available for PCVR at the moment). Let me know if that level of photorealism is satisfactory or if you are looking for something that closer resembles the typical SketchUp style.


Feel free to PM me when you need a test dummy :wink:

I had a look at the images in the TrimbleConnectVisualizer link. The shadows and 360 background already add a bit to the look and feel so that’s nice. Maybe for some people/projects it will be good enough.
I do expect though professionals will prefer third-party solutions to present their design in the best possible way to their clients so with global illumination, physically based rendering etc.

cheers, Max

That is brilliant. I’ll leave a 5 star review and recommend it to my clients.

I have also had a lot of fun using VR sketch in workshops with my clients. There I am behind the screen editing and my client can se the changes in real time. A lot of the conversations goes like this:

Client - “Wow! Is this the real size”
me - “shure is!”
Client - “This is so mind blowing.”
me - “Yes I know. But what do you think of the design”
Client - “It looks amazing… But is the archway a bit small?”
me- “Maybe. Let me try adjusting the height and width a bit (…) How’s that?”
Client - “Yes! Much better. Is the color a bit bright?”
me - “(…) this better?”
Client - “Yes that’s much better… THIS IS SO AWESOME!”
me - You want to se what it look like from the catwalk. (*moves the POW from high up)



I agree with maxB. Continuous Move and Continuous Turn (vs. Snap Turning) is better - especially for close-up/interior. Teleport mode for traversing larger areas.



Very cool! Need to revist this with some of our clients! :partying_face:

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Hi @maxB, a new version ( was released on the App Lab today that fixes this bug:

Let us know if that now works as expected and thank you for reporting!


Hi Aris,
I just updated the viewer and it works again.

Strange enough, I did have to re-upload my SketchUp model first to Trimble Connect because the old one still didn’t open (same behavior as before). Whatever the problem was - it is fixed now.


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