SketchUp Viewer for mobile feedback

I just completed an extensive review of the SketchUp Viewer for Mobile app for a video I published, and I had some feedback I wanted to share.


  • Sketchy Edge bug - Whenever I import a model that has a sketchy edge active, or if I activate a scene that has a sketchy edge, I get a black screen, and the app locks up for several minutes.


  • Edge Resolution - There doesn’t appear to be any edge scaling applied to the screen. All my edges and axes are very thin. Feels like they should be thicker.
  • Tool release - Once you activate a tool (Tape Measure, Move Section, Select), the tool stays active until you open the navigation toolbar and tap orbit again. I didn’t realize this at first. I found myself trying to tap the tool itself to “deactivate it”. Seems like if you tap a currently active tool, the app should deactivate it and revert back to the previously used navigation mode?
  • Delete button - I have trouble tapping the delete button, when trying to remove a model from my device. My screen curves at the edge, so anything on the edge is hard to accurately hit. Maybe make the icon larger? It would also be nice to have the delete icon right on the main page, instead of having to tap the “i” icon.
  • Outdated model If I make a change to a model on Dropbox, 3D warehouse, or Trimble Connect, there’s no way to know that the model I have saved to my device is the latest model. (Maybe I’m wrong? I didn’t see anything.) It would be great to have some sort of notification that model is out of date.

And here’s the review video I created on the SketchUp Viewer for Mobile app! I review all the features, including the premium AR mode.