Sketchup Version and trainings to model a co-housing community with landscape, buildings, roads, walkways, etc

I am a beginner with limited experience using SketchUp Free to model my small wood working projects.

We are in the early stage of building a co-housing community for specially-abled people. I would like to model the site, the landscape, the roads, walkways, the buildings, etc.

Please advice what version of SketchUp I will need. For instance I am not able to find the sandbox tools in the Sketchup Free version to create the terrain of the site.

Also please advice on what kind of trainings / tutorials are recommended to achieve the skills to do this project.

Thanks in advance


sandbox tools are only available in the desktop version so you’d need at least the pro plan.
studio plan can be useful if you plan to insert point clouds for your landscapes, import revit models or want to make renders with vray.

here is the comparison between versions :

there are many tutorials made by the sketchup team that are available there :
Justin from sketchup essentials also has nice videos about the plugins you’ll be able to install to help you design lanscapes, for example
here is his youtube channel :

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Thanks bunch

Plus, the free version is just for hobbyist, it’s not for commercial use like in your case.

The pro version is the best imo, you have access to hundreds of plug-ins that could help you speed up your workflow once you’ve learnt how the program works and the native tools, it also includes sketchup for iPad and in case you have to work on the web the version you won’t have the limitations of the free version cause the pro license also includes the full web version.

I am not creating a model to sell it. This is a community project for which I am trying to model it. This is a non-profit venture.

But I understand the sandbox is available only in Desktop/Pro version. Thanks