SketchUp User Guide

How can I tell whether I have the latest SketchUp User Guide PDF? There are no dates (copyright or otherwise) or version identifying indications. I don’t want to get started with SketchUp Pro without knowing that I have the latest User Guide.

Dan Diamond

What user guide do you have?

there has not been an official pdf since version 7, as it seems, SketchUo prefered the online help system, reachable through [menu]Help in the desktop version of SketchUp. In SketchUp Free, the web based modeller, you can use the new search icon at the top of the left toolbar.

Some users have been busy creating a ‘classic’ Manual for the latest version:

There is no ‘best practise’ section, if you have no experience with the software, you might wanna play with it, before diving in.

It would be worth following this discussion:

For more than a year now your only questions have been about ‘learning’ tools.
How about trying it out and asking some questions when you get stuck.

Dan, all current (2019) Help pages have been gathered in one PDF if that can help:

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start with the SketchUp Getting Started video tutorials first, the Quick Reference Cards here.

btw, the SU Make 2017 desktop version free for non-commercial use here.

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The latest User Guide will always be that which is posted online. There is a selection control at the top right that allows you to tailor the content to the version you are using.

Any offline PDF can only be a snapshot of a specific release in time, and has a risk of being behind a bit.
But keep in mind that most minor releases throughout the year are bug fixes and wouldn’t normally introduce drastic feature changes, and so should not invalidate even a PDF “snapshot” manual.
Also, the basics of modeling in SketchUp have not changed so drastically even over the last 10 years.

So you really do not have much to worry about.