Manual for v19 to come

Hi there,
Last manual in pdf version seems to be a bit old (v7, dated 2008).
Current version is 19…
As there are many pages available on the Help page (here), I plan to write a new version of the manual in pdf format from these pages.
Any comments, anyone, before I start?

EDIT: Draft file is available from
Please download the file before replying to this thread as it is updated daily from your comments.

Here is a version I had made for version 2016. Used it to help structure my own book in Latvian and training materials.

The only thing I would really suggest is to make a good paragraph formatting template file first to help structure the information for easy indexing and readability.

Good luck!

SketchUp 2016 help.pdf (2.2 MB)


Well, thank you very much, your doc is neat.
I think I will use it (with your authorization and copyright listed in the 2nd page) to match its table of contents with the one of the Help pages, then add some stuff if there is some to add.
The structure of version 6 of the manual is fine to me. I think I’ll keep it.

Author of the French version of the Punch Architect 3D manual in French (446 pages).

Page 43 : “The following image shows a 1/4 Arc (Red),” image is missing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

btw, ©opyright by Trimble.


Of course.
What I wanted to say is that the “author” of the pdf will be credited, after Trimble of course, but this was obvious (to me). I also intend to ask Trimble for an authorization to include screen copies. I always do.
Using texts from a Web site to build a Word doc is very boring, and needs a lot of reformatting. This credit seems natural to me.

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A draft for V19 in the pipe at

Bonjour Didier, have you planned a French version?
Thank for this work

Well, yes, if Trimble offers me a license.

I like the benjamin button!
You should get rid of all distinction of pro( outershell toolbar and all the red pro buttons)
There is now only pro…

@Floculat_II, I’ve read the first dozen or so pages, I think you are doing a great job!

@Mike: Ah, someone did read the doc… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@CJ: Thanks!
@Est-Ouest: I found a manual in French for version 6 if that can help:

Page 183 of my draft reads: “The Create Backup option can help preserve your data in the event of an accidental removal of a .skp file. Backup files are saved in the My Documents (Microsoft Windows) or Library/Application Support/Google Sketchup 6/SketchUp/Autosave (Mac OS X) folder, by default.”
What is the correct folder name for Mac Users today, please? Trimble Sketchup x?

Page 21:image

Arrow down is different now, not necessarily locking to blue. It locks to what direction has been focused to. Say the focus is a slanted edge: [Down] locks in color magenta, toggling between ‘Parallel to edge’ and ‘Perpendicular to edge’ and non

Noted, thanks.
(I already removed the extra “13” page number, result of my PDF to RTF conversion)

macOS and you can drop the “X”

Thanks to all.
@g.h.hubers: So, this is no more valid? Measuring Angles and Distances to Model Precisely | SketchUp Help

EDIT: Sorry. Didn’t make the difference between up and down. Forget it.

Actually, “create backup” determines whether a skb (or on mac, ~.skp) backup file is created when you save a model. It is created in the same folder as the original skp file.

Auto-save is a separate preference setting and generates a file at a specified time interval. The file location has changed with various SketchUp versions. For SketchUp 2019 it is in

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Autosave

Please note that ~/Library is shorthand for a user’s personal library folder (actually /Users/username/Library), it is not the same as the system /Library folder.

Recovered, aka Auto-Save, files can be found here (on the Mac):

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles

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