Manual for v19 to come

I would assume @mchandler is right, though it begs the question of why the folder I listed exists on my Mac. I have auto-save turned off, so there is nothing in either of them…

as SU never removes user files, maybe, they remain from a former version, but are no longer added too…

edit: to emphasise conjecture…


So SketchUp 2018 forward-created a folder for SketchUp 2019? Or are you saying that this changed during the minor version revisions of 2019?

it may also be retained as some extensions utilise it…

need to check in the dmg…


See: SketchUp Pro 2019 = Let's talk about Saving

So it was indeed a change in 2019 M1. Somehow I missed it. Thanks for clarification.

The change was made because recovered files were not persisting after a crash/reboot.


If you install 2019, it will create a folder for 2018, as well on a clean install…

Manual done:

Help pages gathered in one file:


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Hmmm, links are being blocked here. Something about weapon sales?!

No. :slightly_smiling_face:
Try :

There are 3 chapters (primers) that are not linked into the main User Guide (yet.)

See: Unassociated help "chapters"