My ongoing request for a User Manual

Three years ago, I asked that a downloadable/printable pdf manual be made available. I understand that a manual has been in the works for some time now, but no information has been released on the current state of this project. Can anyone on the SU Team share where the redeveloped version of the manual is today?

The following was copied from the original post in 2015:

Consider compiling the many SketchUp Knowledge Base articles into a printed User’s Guide. Many learning deficits can be overcome if users have a readily accessible source for referencing issues as they occur. A reference manual will better enable all users to get up to speed in less time.

Currently making use of the Knowledge Base is cumbersome and this makes it difficult to rely on as a useful resource. No discernible method exists to find an index so one is compelled to search for a specific concern in order to resolve an issue. This often results in a fruitless search.

Note*: This information was located after the initial post but no index was found:

* The link placed in the post from 2015 is no longer valid and the indicated link leads to a similar result.

I consider the information in the link a good start and there are obvious improvements over several years ago, but IMO this still lacks the cohesiveness and depth of a well organized user guide. A comprehensive index and a pagination system would be great additions, for example. I’d also recommend examples on toolbar arrangement beyond that which is covered in the referenced article and possibly some information on preferred extensions.

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At the risk of blaming the victim, I’d suggest that you haven’t tried hard enough to find help. Click on the Help tab at the top of the SketchUp screen and you’ll be taken to SketchUp’s help center, where you can find very clear, detailed information about SketchUp and LayOut. It also has a link to a YouTube channel. Or, have you been to a bookstore (or lately? There are several books, e-books, and DVDs that explain how to use SketchUp. Or have you explored the Instructor tray (or clicked the Instructor button on Mac)? It provides an instant, thorough tutorial on how to use each of SketchUp’s tools.

Yes all these resources are available, as I’m sure @jvleearchitects is aware. @jvleearchitects is the one who supplied the older v6 manual that was the “Solution” to the second post here.
The subject in question is an in house Trimble developed manual. Indexed, TOC having, offline, searchable, written by the code writers - manual. It’s been an open question for a while, I’d like to hear if it’s really in the works or not as well.


The problem with the knowledge center as I see it is the lack of hierarchy. A manual has a starting point and ordered chapters, typically consisting of smaller sections themselves. The knowledge center is just a big blob of articles floating in space - there isn’t really anywhere to start and no direction to proceed in.

It should be noted that I think very much in conceptual hierarchies. In the beginning I even disliked Wikipedia because of how the articles have a sibling relation, rather than live in a hierarchy clearly communicated through a website menu.

After 30 years of engineering and AutoCAD user, it was somewhat easy for me to migrate to SU after retirement. As for comparing these two software, I say that SU is perfect for me in woodworking. However, I love to have something in PAPER that I can hold with my own hands, squibble my notes on it, book mark it compared to finding something on e-book somewhere out in the cyperspace. I learned AutoCAD by reading manuals and books and more books when internet was nothing back then. Call me an old die-hard but I want to be able to flip through pages with my own fingers! So let me know when they have more stuff on Dynamic components as there are no papers on it other than a short chapter. So SketchUp, please hear us we want PAPER manuals…


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