A manual for v20?


I received, as the author of the v19 SketchUp manual (see here) a request for information on a manual to come or not for the v20 version.

As I’m done with my architecture project, I doesn’t use it anymore, so no, I do not plan to update the current manual.

However, should someone here be interested to do so, I’m willing to make my Word source file available.

Bye for now.

"Should Trimble consider publishing this manual as an official Trimble
document, the author will be more than happy to make his Word source file

Would like to see a free pdf 2020 manual to download, just like the old days… :drooling_face:

Well, I never heard anything from Trimble, so…

Since I like to use printed documents to browse through during my commute, I was looking vom SketchUp 2020 Manual to buy or download. Couldn’t find anything, so I looked at the official website (https://help.sketchup.com/en/sketchup/getting-started-sketchup) and copied the relevant information into a word file and created a printable pdf booklet version (with table of content, pictures, tips and note boxes, and references to the respective videos) myself. I just had it printed today in double-sided A5 format and it amounts to 469 pages. I’ve also downloaded the respective videos. If somebody is interested in the pdf booklet or normal pdf format, I’m happy to share. Please let me know,

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