I am a Newbie - need suggestions for pdf manuals etc



I will have to use sketchup to make some models of buildings for further technical analysis. However, I am among those who do not find Sketchup intuitive and cannot get started doing anything right away. I need some good video and pdf turorials that I can download so I can get started. Appreciate some suggestions where to look. Online tutorials and webpages does not work well for me I am afraid.


People have individual learning styles. You request video but say the online tutorials (which are largely videos) don’t work for you. Do you need printed material like a book?


Thank you so much for your question. I was perhaps a little short in my text: What I mean is that I do not always have internet access. And I am very busy. So to download pdf files and videos (when I am online) so I can learn offline is what I prefer. The most suitable time I can manage to allocate to learn Sketchup is when I am travelling or in places where I am without internet access.


There are youTube downloaders which you can try.

Here’s a couple that I know of, but I’m sure you could find many more if you go looking for them.




You can look into getting the “SketchUp Book for Dummies”. It lays down some good concepts and in the end teaches you how SketchUp works. There is also a series of videos on youtube to go along with it as well.

Be sure to check out other SketchUp centric channels on youtube as well: