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I have started watching the beginner tutorial of SketchUp and plan on going back through it once I am complete with the tutorial.

Is there a way to download the tutorials so I can watch them if I am off line?

Skip Jack


Which beginner tutorial are you referring to exactly?


Fundamentals. I work with AutoCAD and another software for cabinet design but I want to make sure I learn from the beginning of SketchUp to make sure I understand.

I’m older so it takes me a while for things to sink in.


Ahh… I don’t believe you can download those videos but you could bookmark the page.

I understand the “older” bit.

Did you see the transcript? It could be useful to open that as you review. You can select a section of the transcript and the video will jump to that spot.


I’ve looked for DVD’s I could buy but it seams all the videos and there a lot of them on You Tube but I live in the country and my internet is only from a Hot Spot on my phone which is good sometimes and other times not so good.


Ahhhh…I wonder if they’d ever put this series out on DVD. In its current format it’s easy for them to update when they are changes. On DVD, not so much.


I agree 100%. I understand why companies don’t offer DVD’s anymore due to the cost of production plus there is a lot of Free videos out there. Hopefully when and if the 5G gets to my area in a number of years things won’t be as bad as far as reception as it is right now.

They don’t offer cable and satelite is my only option but a friend has that and is not happy with the it.

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Question there If you have the video on the web why not down load it and burn to a DVD ? i do that save me a lot of asking questions . . It is why you do not see me here very much . .


I never thought about that. I will ask my brother in law who is a computer IT tech on how to do that.


I found this PDF file really handy: ug_sketchup_win.pdf (3.0 MB)

While it’s for (Google) SketchUp 6, it has a very thorough explanation of all of the basic tools. At 390 pages, it will give you a comprehensive understanding of how SketchUp works. It is written in a fairly logical progression and has commentary relating to comparison to other CAD systems. If you prefer to read instead of watching videos, this will be time well spent and will answer almost all of the fundamental questions you might have.

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Tried to download the PDF and got a 500 Error from it . . something is wrong with the link !


Here is better link just downloaded it . . Thanks