SketchUp Viewer video tutorial for client

Hi I am looking for a really clear and precise short YouTube or other video that I can send to a client on how to download and work Sketchup Viewer. I sent him the link from the Sketchup Website and I think it was a little over whelming. All I seem to find is Hololens this is an older couple who I did a house design for and have never heard of Sketchup. So something simple Please. Thank you regards Maria

There are a bunch of different viewer products. Each has an online guide.
The list is here …

Where to get them depends upon which viewer product interests your client.
This page tells a person where to get what edition viewer …

Depending on what you have modeled and how you need to present it to get your message across, you could use a server based facility like Sketchfab (free) or Kubity (about $500.00 per year - but has the ability for you to control the model remotely on your client’s device) Both really don’t have a learning curve. Your model appears on the client’s screen and they move it around with their mouse or fingers.

Or a teamviewer session

This video by Matt Donley seems to be a good way to understand the use of SU Viewer. But it may be a bit too long.

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I find that if you send the client a proper link for the viewer (MAC/Win) and a screen shot of their model from your installation of the viewer with instructions on how to click on scene tabs and they manage to do that successfully…you can send them additional/advanced instructions to navigate on their own.
I think if they cannot get the above accomplished you are in for an exercise in futility.


Thanks Charlie I did exactly that, but, I think that it was all a little too much for them I did send them a Layout view of all the angles of the house in question and they seemed to be happy with that. Cheers Maria

Hi Doug Thank you for your suggestions as this was just a first job for an older couple. What I was looking for was a Sketchup Tutorial just on using the viewer, there is one but it is so bloody boring and slow. The rest also not great. I am surprised SU has not created something I will put this task to Aaron. Cheers Maria PS by the way would you call Sketchup C.G.I.?

Thank you I will check it out. I was looking for a simple few minutes to send to a completely new client. Cheers Maria

Thank you Dan, I did send the client this info but I think it was all a bit too much for them. Anyway they were happy with just a Layout version in the end. Cheers Maria