SketchUp Getting Started Tutorial #2


While I am able to access the first tutorial, I cannot access the second, third or fourth. There is no “arrow” to click. Anyone else have this problem?


If you are watching them through this page, then all you have to do is click on the links on the right side of the page:

If you are watching it through the YouTube Page, then the next video should show up at the top of the playlisty on the right side:


I don’t know exactly which tutorial you’re talking about but check out SketchUp’s official YouTube channel. It’s nothing short of amazing for beginners.

  • Tutorials playlist is worth to have a look at. There are currently 45 videos there.

  • New to SketchUp? playlist seems to be the YouTube version of the one Aaron mentioned.

Just have fun and mess around with the program to learn it. :slight_smile:


Good point, @VahePogossian! I guess I made an assumption that @Sherrie Was talking about the official getting started videos!


Thank you Aaron–Yes I was talking about the official Getting Started videos…

The first example is what I was trying to do, but the arrow is not there for Tutorials 2,3, or 4–clicking on the links did nothing either. Just for Tutorial 1.

So I did go to UTube and accessed it there. Thank you everyone!


It will never stop bringing an awkward smile to my face when I click “Reply” and find out that 5 seconds before a fellow member has posted the same information but with paraphrased words. :smiley:


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