Broken Links in Get Started Videos 2, 3, and 4 in 2017 SU Make. Help



Brand new user on Sketchup Make 2017. I’m trying to watch all the videos in Getting Started but can only access Part 1 and not Part 2, 3, or 4. Is this a common problem?


Vague. Please describe the error.

These tutorial videos are hosted at YouTube, correct ?
(Please provide a link when you encounter broken videos.)


okay, you went to this page:
… and clicked on the “Get Started” button, …
… which brought you to this page:
(with the 4 “Getting Started with SketchUp” videos)


I just tried them and they all worked fine for me.


Yes, I just followed your link back to the page. Only the Part 1 video has a Play Arrow. The other 3 are like a broken link for me. I wonder if I go to YouTube itself and do a search then maybe they would work?


Is this possibly a function of only having Sketchup Make right now instead of SU Pro?


No. You don’t even need to have SketchUp installed to watch the videos.


Thanks Dan, going there now.


Has this been resolved? I am having the same problem. I can view Part 1, but nothing happens on Part 2,3,4
Is there a work around?


YT : SketchUp Playlists : New to SketchUp?


Youtube it is! Thanks