SketchUp fundamentals tutorial download files

I’ve been looking for the practice files (models) to use along with the introductory video tutorials. These files are recommended for training in SketchUp tutorial videos. There is a reference to such files on the SketchUp fundamentals course curriculum page, however, there is no download link or instructions. They are not included among the desktop training videos. I searched SketchUp Campus, 3D warehouse, and my SU account page but can’t locate the download page.

Go to and click on the course you want to do. For example, click on the SketchUp Fundamentals.

It’s take you to a page that looks like this. There are two places you can click to download the associated files.

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Thanks for your help, Dave. The problem I’m struggling with is that when I follow your instructions, I don’t see those images on my monitor. What kind of sorcery is this, Dave?

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What do you see? What browser are you using?

By the way you posted in the SketchUp Pro category but your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web). Which one are you really using?

I originally began by using SketchUp free web version. I had to abandon that because it had too many bugs. I downloaded the SketchUp Pro 2023 30-day free trial. I’m using MS Edge. Perhaps I need to switch over to Chrome.

I tried using Chrome, but no luck. I tried disabling Adblock, but still no luck. I disabled the pop-up blocker, but still no luck.

Since you’re using SketchUp Pro, please update your profile.

Share a screenshot of what you see at

I downloaded the tutorial bundle and used a different app to unzip the files. On this occasion, I was able to access the elusive companion files. Thank you for trying to assist me, Dave.