Sketchup Fundamentals course - where is Examples file

I’m following the Fundamentals course for Sketchup for Web. i can’t find the Examples file that is referred to in the Core Concepts lesson. The download only had the lessons themselves…


It sounds like you have downloaded the example SketchUp file but there’s no video to follow along with? This Web Fundamentals course is still under production and lessons are released incrementally…so if you’ve completed the first 12 video lessons in the Quick Start section then you are caught up!

Feel free to check out Fundamentals for Desktop series which explains the same concepts but with a slightly different user interface from Web. The tools and methods are still the same between the two versions.

No it’s the other way around. I am enrolled in the Sketchup Fundamentals (Desktop) series and have downloaded the Sketchup Fundamentals Exercise files. So I have all the videos but I don’t have the example Sketchup file that is referred to in the videos.

Ok, I’m just responding to what was written. To answer this question, the file should be there:
Here is what I see when I open the Zipped exercise files:

Here is what is shown in the video:

Here is the file open:

Can you try redownloading the exercise files again? Feel free to post a screenshot of what you’re looking at so I help further. Worst case scenario I can message you that file but I’d love to solve the problem for you in the event it shows up again.

Ah yes that answers it. Somehow I was getting confused and didn’t think of opening the Core Concepts folder like that.
Sorry Eric, I didn’t explain the problem correctly in my initial email.

Thank you

No worries. Glad you found it.