Help on sketch up

hi just wondering of anyone can help me, it may sound stupid but how do I open the example file provided for the core concepts course? I have the free version on the web if that helps thanks

Software makes us all look stupid on a regular basis :grin:

Download model to an appropriate folder on your computer - then drag and drop into the SketchUp browser window.

Good workflow practice means you will have a copy on your computer and one in the Trimble Cloud (for important models).

thanks do you mean download exercise files? if so ive tried to drag and drop into the browser but no luck maybe im doing it wrong

Yes - I mean download the exercise model to your computer first.

ive done that so your saying now I drag and drop the entire folder into a new sketch up model?

I think I need the paid version in order to do this

that’s what its saying anyway to upgrade once I drag and drop it in sketchup

Unzip the folder you downloaded - navigate to the first model - open the folder and drag n drop the skp into the bowser window.

oh joy I don’t even know how to unzip the file lol im not much of a wiz on the computer, thanks ill try to do that now

right click on the zipped folder - extract all to the same location.

I had similar difficulty opening my downloaded exercise files (using free Web version of SketchUp on Safari). I managed to drag and drop the Core Concept file into the web browser as mentioned above. But right off the bat the video tutorial wants us to select a tab at the top, which doesn’t seem to exist in the Web version. I thought I would run through the tutorial to see if I could get around this by just zooming in on the rectangle, but it appears to be “grouped” with all the other components of this file. Am I missing a place where I can select the tab on the web version. Or is there a way to get around it? Thanks.

I started over and looked for a new way to open the file into the browser and found it. I don’t know how I did it before, but it clearly made a difference. I still don’t see tabs at the top, but I seem to be able to follow along on the exercise now, so I think I can just pan over to the other sections of the file in place of the tabs.