Assistance with SketchUp tutorials

Hello, I’m taking the on line tutorials videos and im at the second lesson of core concepts.

For some reason i cant fins the example file that guide through that lesson.

Is there anything im doing wrong?


If you’re where I think you are, the files for download are on the main page for the tutorial.
(Download highlighted red)

Thank you!

Yes, i tried that but i cant open the files after downloading them.

Describe the problem more. How do you open them? Do you get an error message?


Do i need to open with zip?

Ah, seen as though they are zip files try to right click the zip file and see if you can choose an option “extract” from the menu that pops up. You probably need to extract the files from the zip archive.

I dont think the problem is to unzip the file, but rather i dont have the right program to open it

If you open the Zip file and open the folders, you’ll get to 2-Core Concepts. There’s a SketchUp file there to open.

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If you only have the web version, drag and drop the skp file to the browser.

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Next to the name of the file i dont see the SketchUp logo like you can, i see white sheet like in the screenshot

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I tried that too, doesnt work

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If you are using Sketchup for the web on a chromebook then you can’t install a desktop version so you will not see the logo because there is nothing on your chromebook that can open it.
So extract the file from the zip folder to somewhere you will be able to find it.
Open the web version in your browser and use the insert function, top left folder icon, to insert the file.



Thanks allot to all you who help me :smiley:

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