Where can I learn Sketchup/ beginner/ architecture

Where can I learn Sketchup/ beginner/ architecture.

Hi Serge! SketchUp has many tutorials on youtube! Great explanations on getting started with-
There’s some cool links for people that are just starting or you can type in “Sketchup tutorials” “getting started” (just make sure you write Sketchup as one word- not two)
here’s a couple cool videos - but SketchUp does have their own youtube channel and great modeling videos are uploaded weekly.

I also highly suggest getting your hands on magazines like “Dwell” and “Architectural Record”

That’s brilliant. You’re a star. Thanks so much :pray:

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Check out: https://learn.sketchup.com/

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You are actually asking two questions:

  1. How can I learn to model in 3D with SketchUp?
  2. How can I learn to use SketchUp (and Layout) in the practice of architecture?

There are any number of on-line videos and tutorials that you can use to help you learn how to model with SketchUp. There is even a Tutorials “category” in this forum. And when you get stuck, there are any number of guys in this form (like @DaveR, @Box, @endlessfix, @john_mcclenahan … to name just a few) who are quick to help you get unstuck. The only way to get proficient in driving SketchUp is to do it … and with help for this forum you can minimize the amount of time you waste while learning.

But to keep from picking up “bad habits” … concurrently with learning SketchUp you should also learn as much as can, as qyick as you can, about how to use SketchUp and Layout in the practice of architecture. There are many ways to use SketchUp and Layout to generate 2D construction drawings, but Nick Sonder has written a book on how to do use them in the practice of architecture, entitled SketchUp & Layout for Architecture. He has thought thru the process in detail. For me his descriptions of how he organizes a SketchUp model and how that plays into his organization of the Layout pages … that is the real value of his book.

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Great suggestions egodsey,

signed up for MasterSketchup for a more structured beginners course - obviously bought the book :wink:

i should also add that the people listed as resources here are amazing in answering peoples questions - so a big shout out (just quietly ;-))