Best way to learn Sketchup from scratch?


I want to learn Sketchup from scratch. I will be drawing house exteriors, but I guess it’s best to learn all the basics and then progress.

I’m looking for suggestions on good thorough courses that teach everything from all the basics to more advanced stuff.

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A good (and cheapest) way is to look at countless video tutorials on YouTube. Practice a lot and come to the forums if you’re stuck somewhere.

A more expensive (and more fast) way would be to get (private) lessons from someone who uses SketchUp daily in the same profession as you are in. The one on one interaction and ability to ask questions could greatly speed up the learning process. Also, that person could just show you how he/she achieved some results in his/her projects.

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Thats a good idea. My fathers does actually work with sketchup by the side of his main employment, but he has learned it by himself. My thought was that maybe it would be better to learn through an online course, so that I learn Sketchup the right way. I’ve heard that it’s important to learn Sketchup the right way, that it will save you a lot of hassle and time in the end. I heard that from someone selling a course though, so maybe it’s just sales talk?

You maybe interested in buying a book (I did, I didn’t read the whole book but I learnt several things from it) 3D Modeling Books and Resources | Modeling Guides | SketchUp

This is a very interesting site I recommend you keep in your bookmarks.
It has different kind of information interesting as for example some problems you can find when you work:

At the point I am (there is still too much to learn) I recommend the following tutorials, mainly the first 4 (you can ignore the ones about the programs and tools you’re not interested in this moment, as for example the ones about LayOut or the ones about certain tools as for example 3D Text, all of this depends on what you’re interested in).

When I have a trouble or I don’t know how to get something I take a fast look on YouTube or Google if I don’t get an answer then I open a thread in which:

  • I describe my doubt or issue.
  • I attach screenshots if it’s necessary.
  • I attach a .gif if I need to show the steps I’m following (You can download LICEcap to do this, it’s amazing easy).
  • I attach my .skp file and Index page • sketchUcation • are good choices.

In the following site there are a bunch of exercises using AutoCAD the ones you can do with SketchUP (they’re not only 15 as they’re sown in the link, there are lot of more), but they’re in Spanish, I’m from Spain if you need help with some exercisse or if you need a translation, let me know, I’ll try to take it a look.

Practicing is the best solution to evolve and improve, but it also requires a solid foundation, which is why I give this link to our French friends who would like to learn the basics.
Practice makes perfect also applies here

@Matthias87 ‘the right way’ largely depends on your personal preference (and maybe line of work?!). As long as you;

  • always leave the active layer on 0
  • immediately make groups or components of any object that you draw
  • only change the layer of the groups or components (by using entity info)

you wont run into very very big problems in the end.

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