Best way for a novice to learn to use SketchUp

I am 68 years old and semi-retired. I have lots of hands on mechanical experience and am reasonably proficient with most common computer programs, but no design programs of any kind. I am interested in learning how to use SketchUp for personal use - I don’t ever expect to become highly proficient. Can someone suggest how to best learn to use the program.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello @benm,
Best way is a relative term. What may be best for me is not necessarily the best way for you. For me, the most advantageous method for learning SketchUp was to study the numerous online video tutorials that are found on the SU website. Many of these videos have been updated since I became a SketchUp user. The beginning tutorials and most of the Training Series tutorials are HERE:

There are many resources available to assist in learning the software, one of which is the SketchUp Sage website. Some of the resources indicated on that site are shown HERE:

By the way, being 68 and semi retired “ain’t necessarily a bad thing”. Many SU users fit that description, including me.

Check out:
and do a search for “Sketchup”. There are over 60 video tutorials on how to use every SU tool, draw floor plans, kitchens and most other operations native to SU. I, too, am 68, semi-retired and use SU every day. Good luck.

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Have an idea of what you want to make in the back of your mind while reviewing all the basic videos and beyond mentioned above in order to retain some of the stuff you think would be useful to fabricate your project.

Begin your project. Get stuck and return to videos, Knowledge Center and come back here, posting images and SKP file.

Hi im also a learning online from the video its great learning from the tutorials. I have a question regarding Google Layout. Online video for example Youtube have Hundreds of video on sketchup but few on Google Layout. I want to Learn Google Layout 2D right from the basic making walls adding doors windows stairs etc making a good floor plan in 2D. Plz share if there are layout basic video right from the beginners. Plz share the link

Hello @atek,

You should be aware that Google no longer has any involvement with either SketchUp or Layout, so referring to them as Google products is erroneous.

As requested, here are some LINKS to Layout materials and tutorial information.

Most of the modeling work should be performed directly in SketchUp and specific scenes developed in SU can then be exported into Layout either as 2D views or as perspective views. Typically the modifications performed in LO may consist of dimensioning or providing text labels. There may be occasions where you will edit materials or colors (in Layout), but for the most part the bulk of your work should be done in SU, even the minor editing, before you take the work to Layout. Just remember to update and save your LO files after making any edits to the corresponding SU model.

thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. nice to know i am
not the only boomer still interested in expanding my horizons.

Happy I could help…

It appears that 1947 was a pretty good year!

thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. your advice is much