I am an old dog trying to learn a new trick, the SketchUp program

I’m an old dog trying to learn new tricks. I’m trying to learn SketchUp. I’ve used other modeling and drafting programs that remain nameless, but I want to know how to use SketchUp. I was looking at the lesson videos here, or by SkeftUp but can not download them. I played with 3-D over the years but never used the Layout. As a detailer for most of my career, I have been 2-D’ing it. Advice, on where to go to find how the basic for and good books. I have been playing with SketchUp and now I want to get serious.


Google: (video’s !)

  • sketchup tools and functions
  • sketchup tools explained
  • etc.

Or in sketchUp activate the ‘Instructor’.