Mastering Sketchup

what is the easiest way to learn Sketchup online?

• Short answer - YouTube

• Best answer - on your own

• Long answer - the program is so carefully written, that it requires minimal amount of couching. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I personally learned it by myself in about 2 weeks by trying to model everything that surrounded me. Naturally, this involved failing half of the time and trying again, until I got the hang of it. YouTube was the first place I’d go for help if I was stuck. Back in 2010 I didn’t know about the existence of this wonderful community. If you have questions or troubles with SketchUp, first thing would be to come here and get help from experts.


I would start with the 4 tutorials that get linked when you do the initial install! Then you will have the basics whipped in very short order.

Then as mentioned above Youtube is FULL of SketchUp tutorials. I followed a fellow called “Master SketchUp” and learned a LOT.

Then there is a “tutorials forum” right here under the Sketchup tab above. Really, if you want to learn it is hard not too! :wink:

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Keep in mind that there are good tutorials and not so good tutorials. Anyone can upload videos to YouTube no matter what their skill level. You need to be discerning to make sure you are learning to use SketchUp correctly and efficiently.