Recommended YouTube course?

Hello everyone,

I used to use SketchUp ages ago, in 2003, and could do some nice, though still not advanced, planning with it. I would like to plan my apartment and garden now, and find myself struggling and stuck with every move.

Is there a great tutorial that would bring me up to speed with the web version? Any you would warmheartily recommend?

Thanks a ton,

Justin over at SketchUp essentials is doing his “learn in 30 days” playlist in the free web version, if that helps.

Learn SketchUp in 30 days


The sketchup channel itself is a great resource, a variety of short and long tutorials.
One of the tricks to learning sketchup is to understand that there are various versions that look quite different in tutorials, but generally the tools work the same way, you just need to understand where to find them in the different user interfaces.

And a non youtube option I would also recommend is the Campus.