Best tutorial for my beginner students

Hi all,
I am new to Sketchup and I need to teach my students how to use the web version. Do you have any tutorials or videos we can follow?

Google is your friend. SketchUp Campus

Thanks I have looked through them. However most training are done on the desktop version.

Although they’re quite similar, I don’t think it’s student friendly because some may struggle to follow it.

Anyhow, from the link you gave, which course would you recommend to start with first ?

Thanks again

Beginners should start with fundamentals. I’ve lost my access to SketchUp for Schools, but I seem to remember some tutorials specifically made for it, and suggested from within it somehow? Mike’s Ice Cream shop and a turtle sand box, I think? I don’t see them in SketchUp Campus.

There’s also SketchUp’s official YouTube Channel. One playlist is for K-12. What age are the students?

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The students are grade 9 (14 years plus)

Thanks I’ll try looking for the ones you’ve suggested

If you haven’t seen it yet …
SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help