Beginner Tutorials


I am new to sketch up. Our school board only has a basic license. Can someone recommend a great step by step tutorial for using the program?

I hope to use it with my students in the coming months.


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You might have a look at the SketchUp Fundamentals here:

Thanks Dave.

I subscribed to the Youtube page and find there is an overwhelming amount of content. I am old school. A coiled textbook that takes me step by step through tutorials would be my preference.

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Unfortunately I don’t know of any printed or PDF documentation for SketchUp for Web. Although I agree that a printed book would be nice (I prefer to read printed matter over reading it on a screen) it does seem a bit anachronistic considering the subject.

I guess it is. The last time I took a college CAD course was in the year 2000.

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The link @DaveR gave is a really good resource for all versions of SketchUp. I’ve been teaching SU to grade 9-12 for six years now, and it’s hard for me to do better than that learning portal.

SU for Schools also has it’s own special tutorials and lessons which you can access from program itself via the home page.

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