A draft for the V19 version of the SketchUp Manual

Hi there,
As previously discussed in another topic here, a PDF version of the Help documentation for SketchUp v19 is in progress.
A draft has been made from the 2016 version built by “Speaker”. A table of contents has been added with hyperlinks to ease reading on your favourite iPad.
File (PDF, 3.4 Mb, 199 pages) is available for DL here: [http://www.didiermorandi.fr/SketchUp/SketchUp_User_Manual_v19_draft.pdf]
Next step is to update and include v19 features.
Stay tuned


Well well well, I’m done with the update of the 2016 version of the manual. Problem is, the 2016 version was actually a kind of a summary of the main features of the application, not an exhaustive documentation. Nearly half of the tools and buttons descriptions for v19 are missing…

So, I guess I will rewrite it from scratch (with the existing Trimble text and additional stuff I’ll try to write in good English…)

See you.

EDIT: Continuation of this topic here.
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