Sketchup unexpected file

hello, i have a problem about my model. after last save, i can not open file, it says: ‘‘sketchup unixpectid file format error fix’’
how can solve it. help?


is there anyone?

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no sketchup file should ever be 1,1Gb. :slight_smile:

it tells me it’s invalid.

can’t do more on my end, maybe Colin can
I did the compression trick, compressing the file into a zip and comparing both weight, your file compresses to about 1/3 so it means there is compressible data in it, it’s not just zeroes.

but still, it won’t open on my end.


But it was working fine. Does this means there is no any way? I really can not create it again

As @ateliernab said, maybe @colin can fix it but you’ll have to be patient. I’m sure he will take a look when he has time…

Why not? You did create it once…

I think you need to get your models under control, as ateliernab said: no model should ever be 1 GB…
I.m guessing you use a lot of entourage from the 3DWarehouse that is overly detailed and that is causing your problem. You should open things in a separate SketchUp instance and check if the model is suitable for your project. Overly detailed models should be simplified or rejected, also check if they are the right scale and check for textures that are too big. While you’re at it also check if all geometry is untagged!
And don’t forget to purge your model frequently!!


again, @colin might be able to retrieve stuff, or to delete the problematic piece.
if he’s in england, he’ll see this quickly, if he went back to colorado, it’s 2am there right now :slight_smile:

the bigger the file, the higher the risk to have a saving issue, especially when using external drives or cloud based storage.

In general, it can be a good practice to make versions of your project, especially a big one that took a long time to do. from time to time, you duplicate the file so you have a “save point” for later.
and if you use external storage or cloud, don’t use it as your main save, only as backup : keep your files locally and copy them rather than working directly on the distant files. it seems working on distant files causes such issues.


I can not create it again, because it is very detailed model. I worked for it durin 3 weeks. I use D5 render for rendering and can not keep materials, lights, and etc. Also i dont remember colour tones and etc. It is so hard to create it again.also for this model i dont work from my pc. I worked from my job place and dont know what to do :pensive:

Did you save directly to the cloud by any chance?? If you did, that could be the problem. Especially with files this large!
Edit: Search your work computer for the .SKB file wit the same name… This is the backup file and is possibly not corrupted…

If I were you I’d start to do it again as soon as possible, there’s a high probability of having a file that not even Colin can recover. I recommend you to use a plugin like Xref or Eneroth’s reference manager, I use it whe I have big project with different buildings in it, I create all the buildings in separated files and with Xref I insert them on the main file with the entire project, if you modify any model it will be updated on the main model, it has two advantages, the first one is that you’ll be able to work better without having to deal with lag due to a heavy file since you’ll be working on a portion of the project that sketchup can handle easier, the other one is that if you have the problem like the one you’re having right now you can just insert the parts of the project on a new file without having to do it all over again.

No i did not use any cloud.
Also i have skb file but dont works, i tried it already :disappointed:

We’re you working with the file from your local drive or from an external storage device?

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You should upload that too, maybe it helps…

it’s - haem - in the first message :smiley:

(looks like Tweenulzeven’s mind is on weekend already :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I didn’t bother to download, it’s too big and I can’t open it anyways…

Edit: My weekend started yesterday at 18.00

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I uploaded it already in post start. SKB and SKP, both files. It on top of this post

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Yes. It is saved in my pc.

I have a problem opening two files. How to solve?

Please do not double post.

Sorry. I’m new to the forum. I am apprehensive about my problem

Both of those files are corrupted beyond repair.