Sketchup unexpected file

What situations can cause this problem?

The file appears to start as a SketchUp model and then includes a lot of non-SketchUp data. Was the model really 1.1 GB? The thumbnail suggests that it was a complex model, but that is very big.

I can recover some components and materials, but only 80 MB worth of the file.

In your case the files became mostly full of zeros. We still don’t know why that happens.

the link has 2 files, the “M2” - is only 19.3mb, the second file “sousa” is 12mb.

If you can recover something, it would help a lot.

Colin’s reply regarding the 1.1 GB file size was to George.

I looked at your files and found the same thing Colin did. They are almost entirely full of zeroes. Nothing to recover unfortunately.

Where were you saving the .skp file as you were working on it?

I’m storing it on an SDD, on my PC. I think you must have a reading problem. Since there were these errors in more than one file. Thank you for your help.

I don’t have a reading problem. Your files are not recoverable.