SketchUp turn off my PC

I have installed SketchUp MAKE, when i use SketchUp the software turns off my PC after a while.
Someone who recognizes what is wrong? I have Windows 8.1 and my machine is Alianware X51.
Hope someone has suggestions !!

You don’t mention it, so I’m not so sure it’s something to be worried about just yet, But, I have to start with the overheating question first.

Is your PC getting really hot?

I don’t see how SketchUp could cause your system to shut down unless it’s creating a situation where your computer is starting to overheat, and that in turn is just triggering the built-in thermal protection to kick in, or rather shut down your system before any real damage starts to happen.

This sort of idea works nicely with the part of how your PC shuts down… ‘after a while’… (it takes time for heat to buildup).

BUT, it doesn’t sit so well with that fact that you’re using an Alienware PC… which should have better cooling, and graphic intensive capabilities than the standard computer. So perhaps something else is at play here.

For now, I’ll just go with my initial concern and keep the heat in mind.

Is it getting hot?

Is your computer sitting out in the open, on firm, and well ventilated surface? which promotes good air flow?

Too much dust inside the case is ALWAYS bad, as it acts as an insulator and keeps the heat in. I hope it’s not dusty??

Also, are you looking at the Process Manager, and monitoring what background processes are taking up CPU usage. SketchUp on it’s own might not be the problem if something else is hogging CPU resources in the background. perhaps it’s a combination of events ??

Since I happen to live in Roswell, New Mexico, I may have some special insight into your problem. I think the aliens are messing with you.


I’ve only seen one bug in 9 years shutdown a computer: it was so hard to repro, it’s beyond description, but it blue-screen-of-death’d the machine, which it doesn’t sound like yours. I’m +1’ing JimD on heat, with a secondary bet on Gully_Foyle’s aliens from outer space.

I do not think it’s the heat, i suspect aliens.
Thanks for the answers guys !!

Gee, Gully was away from this forum for so I long, I started to believe he was abducted…by aliens. Welcome back G.

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Wait, are you sure Gully isn’t an alien?

Maybe there are some hints in the System Logs:

Some times one can get a hint to what happened if the computer had time to log the error. Though one log is noisy so one needs to scan it for the approximate time the shutdown happened.

Is your graphics card driver up to date?
I had this happen years ago when a graphics card in my old luggable died. It first started happening with SketchUp, and later with any application.