Sketchup Shutdown

My sketchup shuts down, but remain´s rendering, do you guys have any idea from this kind of problem?
thank you

No, because you provide no helpful information to describe your issue. If any of the readers of this post can help, you need to give more detailed observations about what you are experiencing. Nobody can read your mind so you can’t expect anyone to know exactly what is meant by your cryptic statement.

At the very least, you could better explain the sequence of events leading to the shutdown, describe the rendering process you used, perhaps it could be beneficial to identify what programs are running at the time of this event, maybe include a screenshot to illustrate what you see when the shutdown occurs.

You, as the user experiencing this problem, must assume the responsibility for conveying the appropriate comprehension of the problem to those users willing to offer help. IOW, help us to help you!


The problem is that i am not the main user but the person who has to resolve the issue, the thing i know is that you load a project to render it start´s rendering everything ok but after a while 30 min or so it shutdown sketchup but still remains with podium opened and rendering.

And i can not add screenshot because i don´t guess when it´s going to shut down

What we need to know in order to help you is more info about what you are doing. What version of SketchUp, what renderer are you using, do you get an messages, can you share the model that is causing the problem. As it is, it’s pretty hard to even tell what you are doing, much less how we might help you.

Help us help you! :grin:

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Please don’t take photos of a computer screen; it is impossible to see what is displayed on the screen. Instead take proper screenshots. If you struggle to document the moment SketchUp closes you can record a video from the screen instead.

What do you mean by “remains rendering”? What renderer is used? When does SketchUp close? What is done prior to it closing? Is there any error message saying it has crashed or does it just magically disappear?

Hello thank you for your reply, this was the only mode that i could send something.
It was well explained, it is as mencioned, remains rendering is that it still continues the renderizacion, but sketchup really magically disappear with no error.
What was happening was exactly described in photos no more thing to add, difficult to realize the problem, but already solved it.
It was a configuration in power procedure in control panel.

Right, but we still need to know the basics. What rendering software are you using?

Podium 2.5

Great! Now we can reach out and see if other users of Podium have seen an issue like this.

I would also recommend reaching out to the guys at Podium? They will be the best ones to help, as it is their software.

Hello again, and back the same problem,after a windows 10 update.
Made already another update to the graphics card driver, uninstalled sketchup and reinstalling again and now trying to see if does the same thing.

You think maybe problem generated by podium but that makes sketchup to close?

Honestly, I’m still not sure exactly what your problem is. Are you only seeing this issue when rendering in Pudium? If SketchUp only closes while running Podium, then I would recommend contacting Podium and seeing if they have any idea what the problem may be.

Gonna do that thanks, this is blowing my mind right now, because i tried to record when it shuts down but its random.
i have another exact same machine here and i put the hard drive in the other to see if it does the same thing if it does i can put asside hardware problems, then plan b trie to do new instalation and see if the problem remains, meanwhile i´m going to contact podium.

It seems that the problem is not in the sketchup or other software in the computer , might be something with the project i found something talking about a tool that wath if everything is ok in the project like textures and so on but i can´t remember what, do you know that tool and if it is inside sketchup or podium

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