Rendering problems with SU Podium

Hello all,
I’m a senior interior design student and I am working with two large Sketchup models for final projects.
I have Sketchup Pro and Podium on my laptop and PC and have used it a lot but I have never experienced the problems I’m having with Sketchup now. It stalls and crashes often in fact last week I got a bugsplat that closed the program and when I tried to open my model again I got a message saying "a drive master system file is corrupted and unreadable. I haven’t had time to investigate that further as I’ve been scrambling to find all of my backed up files. Anyway, the problem I’m having now is I’m at school and I can’t get the omni or spot lights to stick on the second click. I’m not sure what the problem is. I’m using a trial at school because I have podium installed on two machines at home. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Thanks and have a great sketchy day hahaha… :slight_smile:

You should start with posting full specs for your computers, software versions of both the OS’s, SketchUp and Podium.

Also if you can grab the specific error message ‘a drive master system file is corrupted and unreadable’.

Unrelated (and by no means you have to answer it) but I wondered what country you were studying in? I was educated and had the first 7 years of my design working life in the UK and we only studied as design student. We never had courses as a ‘senior’ designer, you only get that status after grafting in the workplace.

It’s just curious as now I have moved to Sweden, some of the Universities you can study and graduate as ‘Art Director’ and apply for a job as an actual ‘Art Director’, something that would never happen in London as that typically requires working for 5-6 years rather than studying for 5-6. It took a while to get my head around it :joy:

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