Sketchup 14 &13 crashing with on board colors/textures

I am getting unexpected computer shutdown when in 13 or 14 I place colors or patterns. No bugsplat report just shutdown. Files are small. Dell precision m4300 laptop XP (2007). 5 gig memory left on HD.

Often problems like this are caused by problems with the drivers for your graphics card. Are your drivers up to date?


Probably not. I have been trying to update them since my post. No luck as yet. Driver tuner not wanting to open. I think I may have bigger issues including graphics card.
Many thanks.

I almost forgot… I downloaded a dashed line plugin a while back. It was great until I was informed that it does not work with layout- which I use ALL the time. I have tried to “un” plug it but Skup14 still shows errors as I open a file. I am not familiar with how to delete a plugin in V14. Any ideas? Thanks. WWK

I’m trying to forget everything XP, but first check SketchUp Prefernces->Extensions, and see if you can disable there. If that doesn’t work, I googled “SketchUp XP plugin location” (teach a man to fish…), and I found article which says

SketchUp 8 and older: C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins is the location. Remove the .rb or .rbz for your extension from there.

One other comment I have to make is clarifying your “computer shut down” comment. If the whole computer is shutting down then there is something going on with hardware, SketchUp can’t restart Windows… only the operating system can do that, and it will when it thinks something is broken.

Is your whole computer crashing, or is it just SketchUp shutting down?

My previous XP luggable, when I got it (SketchUp was at version 4, I think) produced some bluescreens with SketchUp until I was able to upgrade the driver. Some years later the graphics card failed, with symptoms like these (black screens, unexpected shutdowns).


Reminds me of an old AMD Radeon AGP card we had. Keep shuting down the machine because it’s GPU was overheating. (Actually it’s still in it’s box in the closet. Time to clean house.)

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[quote=“bary, post:5, topic:2248, full:true”]
SketchUp 8 and older: …[/quote]
He said 13 and 14 in the topic title. And specifically 14 in the “I don’t know how to unplug” post.

The plugins for 14 and later are in the User’s %AppData% path.

On XP:

"%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2014/Plugins"

On XP %AppData% will be:

"C:/Documents and Settings/%USERNAME%/Application Data"

@jody: to clarify, complete shutdown. blink, gone. EXCEPTION: when trying to get a model from warehouse, only sketchup 14 quits without warning.
@dan: in the recent past, the fan did kick into overdrive right before shutdown. not good, right?
In the interim I have gone to “Hidden Line” Face style and have had NO issues working on the exact same models as before and some others. Would that indicate graphics card and/or driver?
I really appreciate all of the input!


Check you settings for OpenGL (panel) in the Preferences dialog.

I googled your laptop model. Does it have a Nvidia QuadroFX 360 video card as the specs on the Dell site said? You could go directly to the Nvidia website and download the latest available driver for your card and OS from there - probably the ones available from Dell are years older (and this is what your “driver tuner” might be looking for).

That some software features toggle the crash while others work OK point in my mind to a driver problem. Newer SketchUp versions have always added more demands for the OpenGL support in your display.


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Here’s a handy tool that will tell you many things about what’s under the hood.
Including CPU and GPU temperatures.

Speccy System Information by Piriform

please i am a student and i have problem when i exporting videos of my model …the bug splat page back and i can not fix it ?? what should i do?