SketchUp Trial Version 2017 - Crashing 5 days before expiration



Please help! I’ve been working on a project using the trial version. I’ve been building a case for purchasing sketch up and I’ve really close to finishing a project. I have 5 days left on the trial version and wanting to purchase it in 5 days when i present the final project.

For some reason it won’t open. I’ve had to force quit as it says it’s not responding. I’ve been using this everyday and today is the first day it’s crashed. It expires on May 26th.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Is SketchUp set to use your Radeon or integrated Intel GPU ?
Check Crimson Radeon Settings (or Catalyst Control Panel for older drivers.)

Did you install any Sierra updates recently ?

Did you install any new SketchUp extensions recently ?


Have you checked for updates via the builder, I’m not MAC user so maybe dumb question but, doesn’t make revert to free version at the trail end lke PC


I haven’t installed any updates at all.

I’m not really sure what you mean by checking crimson radeon settings unfortunately. I’m not really techy. lol. could you walk me through it?


I’m sorry i really new to sketch up. Where would i find the builder?


That’s a Windows settings app that doesn’t exist on Mac


disable “Automatic graphics switching” at “Apple > System Preferences > Energy Saver” to avoid macOS switching to the integrated intel HD (/w flaky OpenGL support of 3D display output req. by SketchUp) if going to energy saving:


It’s worth trying this setting, but I don’t think it is the cause.

It is easy to check whether OS X is using the better graphics: just click the Apple in the menu bar and select “About this Mac”. The info window will list which Graphics adapter is currently being used. I have automatic graphics switching turned on and consistently see the system switch from the integrated graphics to the Nvidia graphics when SketchUp is running (mid-2012 MacBook Pro Retina).

@lafioren have you tried disabling extensions (e.g. temporarily rename the Plugins folder)? I haven’t gotten not-responding on launch, but I have gotten hangs on quit. They have consistently been due to extensions with observers that try to do something on quit and catch SketchUp in a condition where it can’t handle the action.


I looked through our crash report database and didn’t see any reports with your name - I’m assuming that you don’t get a crash report dialog when you force quit?

The first thing to try is to hold the “Shift” key down when you run SketchUp - this will tell SketchUp not to open any recent files on startup. If this fixes the problem, then there is an issue with one of your recent files. Hold the “shift” key down and double-click on Continue to hold “shift” until SketchUp starts up or freezes again.

The next thing to try is to reinstall SketchUp - perhaps a file got corrupted in the installation.



Hey Marc!

First of all thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I really appreciate it.
It would be under Jake at Queen Street Carpentry (as I am working for his company.)

No I didn’t get a crash report at all. It was just hanging there with the spinning wheel.

Thank you so much - the program seems to be working now that I followed your instructions.

Unfortunately the file I was working won’t open for some reason. Not sure why. Luckily I save a new file every couple of days.

This is only going to set me back about two days. Is there any way to get a couple of days extension on the trial so that I can complete this test run? I really am interested in purchasing the program but as I said I have to make a case for it. Can you also give me an idea as to what might have caused this? Are there common causes I should be avoiding?

Thanks again Marc :slight_smile:


Adding image files to use as textures? An image file could have been corrupted, causing the SKP file to not open.


Unfortunately I don’t have an official way to extend your trial by a few days, although I will point out that if a different person at your company installed it on a different computer, that would count as a new 30-day trial.

If you can send me the file that’s corrupt, I can take a look to see if there’s an obvious cause. Just as a wild guess, if you’re saving the file to a network drive or Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, then try saving it to your local machine instead and just occasionally copy it to the network drive.



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