SketchUp Training for STEM Students FIRST Competition


I am acting as a coach/mentor for a team of High School age STEM students who are participating in the FIRST (Robotics) competition. I need to arrange for training in SketchUp so they can model their robot from 3D Warehouse (or others) parts, create a Construction Drawing using LayOut including a Parts List.
Aside from the video tutorials on the SketchUp website, which really only provide overviews, the 3rd party videos uploaded to 3D Warehouse and YouTube, I can’t find any sort of structured curriculum with accompanying training (tutorials, videos, live onsite instructor) that allows me to accomplish this.
The students have a limited amount of time to learn how to accomplish what I’ve described above.
Anyone have any suggestions?



Read the entire thread and take the time to visit the various links. You don’t mention how much time is available for the students to learn how to use SU and Layout. It may be possible that a video conference similar to Google Hangouts could be arranged with a Sage or a knowledgeable user to offer some basic instruction.

Even though you have not had an overly positive experience with the tutorial videos, many SketchUp users including myself have become proficient after studying these tools. I urge you to give them all a closer look. Finally, I recommend the works of Bonnie Roskes and Aidan Chopra, both of whom can be located through a Google search of their names.


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