Does anyone have recommendations for teachers on sites with projects?

I am looking for lesson plans in architecture for high school.

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Your request is admirable, although you may be hard pressed to locate lesson plans at a high school level that address the subject of architecture. The term “architecture” when used in an academic context is quite broad, covering a number of aspects considered to be within the purview of the field of architecture.

Architecture is a subject rarely explored in high school curricula, largely because of the depth of research required to adequately address such study. If, however, you are interested in evaluating a simple approach to design of a specific building type as a class exercise, there may be relevant materials available. The works of Bonnie Roskes come to mind as a SketchUp related reference and I’m sure there are others. You may find greater assistance if your request were framed in a more objective orientation: What exactly are you looking for? What is the academic level of your students (freshman, senior, etc.)? How much time will students be able to devote to a given project? Will students work individually or in groups? Will these student exercises be site specific? Do you intend to explore cost implications, structural and/or mechanical engineering options? Material analysis? Solar and green design issues? Construction methodologies? Legal consequences? Design and/or construction phasing? Scheduling? Historical Design? Code and Zoning issues? Spatial relationship studies? Color and composition studies?

These are only a few questions that may have some bearing on development of potential lesson plans.

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It’s an introductory course where I have successfully avoided going into too much technical detail and have students learning about how the built environment comes about. I am teaching 10th-12th graders and I’m sure there are free online lessons out there.

Doesn’t Sketchup have an educational resources site like Adobe does?

SketchUp Books — SketchUpdate … the official SketchUp blog

SketchUp and Education — SketchUpdate … the official SketchUp blog

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These are just blogs. There doesn’t seem to be a place to discuss lessons. Isn’t there a place with a listing of lesson plans anyone knows about?…/sketchup/sketchuplesson%20plans.pdf
Will this help?

Sorry, I just tried the link and it leads nowhere, but I found the lesson plans when I googled “Teahers lesson plans for sketchup” Don’t understand.

Hello again, Teacher

I amended my earlier post with several websites where you may find useful lesson plans and lesson plan formats, but apparently the edited post did not successfully transmit.

Try visiting the following sites:

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Hello @teacher, I would highly recommend our friend Bonnie over at 3DVinci, she has great k-12 resources that include course books and lesson plans.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff in your first post. A full architecture curriculum! Thank you!

Thanks, but again I’m looking for free stuff and there isn’t much free there.

You’re very welcome! I;m glad I could help.

I developed some video tutorials for students I was volunteering with. While they are not professionally polished, I believe they were helpful and others are welcome to use them if they find they would help in their classroom.


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