SketchUp & TopStation


Does it have a connection to draw from SketchUp (and Realworks) to TopStation ?
I saw this video :

Has somebody ever done it ? if yes, how ?

This connection is managed by SketchUp or TopStation ?

Thanks !


SketchUp has an extension to work with (realworks) pointclouds. That is the Trimble Scan Explorer you see in the video. How TopStation imports SketchUp files doesn’t show, you would probably have to export the model as a CAD file (.dwg) in SketchUp, then import it in TopStation.

I am used to draw with from TSE to SU.
I have searched the extension in SU of TopStation but I didn’t find it.

If somebody knows the extension in SU, thanks for sharing this information !

As @MikeWayzovski pointed out, the software being shown is Trimble Scan Explorer.

The only other option that I am aware of is Undet.

Though I am not sure how/if either work directly with TopStation.

A connection exists between TSE and SU. However, there is an extension in SU to export points in TopStation.
So, when the person extracts a point in TSE, it is directly imported in TopStation. SU is an intermediary between TSE and TopStation.

Trimble Scan Explorer -> SketchUp / extension ? / SketchUp -> Top Station.

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