Viewing Point Cloud in VR

Hi there,
I am trying to find out how I can view my 3D point cloud in skethcup using VR. Specifically, I want to 3D scan my clients homes add on one of our template addition models and then allow my client to explore the 3D scan and new add ons. Is this possible? As you can see from the attached pic I’ve scanned, used DOT3D and Undet to import into sketchup, but now I need to figure out how to make it presentable in VR on the SketchUp platform. Any help would be much appreciated. Ideally I could VR view it in both SketchUp and Enscape so that I can render the addition really nicely in VR.

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I cannot see your attached picture. Can you upload it please?

Did you try to upload the SketchUp model with the Point Cloud to Trimble Connect and view it in SketchUp’s VR viewer?

Hi Richard - I cannot see anything to upload. Here is my screen. Am I missing something?