Rendering Point Cloud in V-ray

Good day all!

I was wondering if anyone know how to render the point cloud in V-ray? I am running the latest version of Sketchup Studio and I am not sure where to find this.

I create landscape designs and like to show the location of buildings, trees, topography, etc. from the point could (BLK 360). I would like to render the point cloud for all the existing conditions surrounding my project sites to save time modeling this info.

I am looking forward to everyone’s reply.

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Hi thanks for your post! We have seen customers requests like this for rendering PC in V-Ray and we know V-Ray has that feature for 3DS-MAX. I do not think there is an easy way to render PC in V-Ray via SketchUp currently but it’s something that the product team is aware of. If I can find out a way, I will update you here :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I look forward to your response.

Any update on this feature. I just signed up to studio and was having issues trying to render with the point cloud PLY file as a background and the render is ignoring the point cloud.

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Hi, we will need to speak with Chaos team about making rendering point cloud available in V-Ray. What’s your use case of doing so? Do you just want to get a nice context for your project?

What i do is i make a scan with my iphone and send the point cloud file to icloud then i open that file with sketchup studio and i then design the project over the point cloud image. But when I do the render the point cloud image is not part of the render and it’s missing. I’m sure that vray cant render the point cloud but what would be nice is the point cloud image be the backdrop the the project I’m rendering. I’m no expert on sketchup or vray but from what I have this this is not a capability of the software but I’m hoping you know a way to pull this off. I hope this make sense if not let me know and i will do a short video.