V Ray & Point clouds

Does anyone know how to convert a e57, las, rwp point cloud file into a vscene or vmesh so that it can be used as an object or background in VRay?

I would love to use the point clouds to create the backgrounds and buildings, reducing the time to remodel these while creating a great high end images.

I look forward to your replies.

You can try to render your scene, but in Blender with Cycles … min 5:11

Or you can test by exporting the Point Cloud in PLY and then import that file into SketchUp and render it (to be tested) … min 6:26

Or wait for Chaos to add the function from V-Ray for 3ds max to render Point Cloud in SketchUp.

Meshroom or cloudconvert are 2 open sources piece of software for processing point clouds in different ways

I often model straight onto the point cloud and then use a screenshot.

Currently that is the way I am doing things - using Layout’s handling of point clouds to create the images.

But, shiny materials, like stainless steel BBQs and water in pool’s just do not look as good.

Hopefully, V-Ray releases the support for point clouds soon.
Trying the PLY from Cloud Compare right now.
I was looking into the Blender Extension a little while ago, but never took it that far.

Thanks for the suggestions.