Exporting Vray


I am working with Vray. I have Vray down of what Sketchup teaches you, but I have now created scenes within Sketchup to use through Vray to show clients what their house will look like. The problem is, Im unsure of how to export or the exact way to do this. I have found videos that show you how to do it through the visualizer, but they don’t look realistic enough.
Does anyone have advice for this or specific videos you recommend?

Using the V-Ray Frame Buffer…just click the Disk Icon. Also, not sure what you mean ‘I have down all of what SketchUp teaches you.’ - are you referring to our Course(s) on SketchUp Campus? If so both courses walk you through the exporting process.

Once the pictures are downloaded, how do you put them into video sequence format?

Ah. Well you didn’t say video sequence in your original post. You can use Photoshop - Import Image Sequence - Create video timeline…Then render video as the export format. I’m sure there are fancier programs out there that can stitch the ‘still’ exports together to create your video. I agree that V-Ray vision isn’t as good in terms of quality as the standard V-Ray output. Video is one area where Enscape’s UX/UI is much easier to use. Hopefully Chaos some day incorporates that into V-Ray since they bought Enscape a while back.

Vray doesn’t have the ability to render videos, enscape, twinmotion , lumion and D5, are the tools you’re looking for. Personally I recommend twinmotion, it’s free and since the 2022 version it has path tracer which allows you to make very realistic renders, you need a good gpu though.