Sketchup too slow

Problem with Sketchup performance. I’ve just acquired a very expensive Dell Inspiron 5505 laptop with a Ryzen 7 processor and a Radeon graphics card, supposedly both state of the art. The reason I bought it is that I need a fast computer for my sketchup projects. However, Sketchup runs desperately slow, slower than my good old obsolete laptop. Any ideas? Thanks.

Not really a high end computer. First thing would be to go to the AMD site to get and install the latest drivers. Second would be to make sure you installed SketchUp correctly which involves right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. Is that still correct?

Share your .skp file so we can see how it performs on other computers. Most often the cause of poor performance is due to the model itself.

Looking at the specs at the Dell site, this computer doesn’t have a graphics card but processor-integrated graphics chip. The Ryzen 7’s single thread performance, too, is not very impressive. Depending on the specs of your “obsolete” laptop, this might quite well be slower.

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Yeah it kinda looks like the GPU is integrated in the CPU. The marketing is misleading. A discrete GPU is far superior to an integrated. SketchUp performance can be improved by reducing antialiasing level in Window > Preferences > OpenGL. LayOut performance can be slightly improved by reducing Display Quality in Document Setup, and disabling auto-render / auto-update.

That’s fairly budget laptop, so it may not really be cut out for what you are working with, depending on the complexity. Strange you would feel it was slower, unless your old machine by pure luck happened to be better for the types of operations SketchUp does.

However , let’s try a solution. Something to try: make sure is that the machine is connected to power and is in high performance mode.
Usually you click on the battery icon and a slider will appear that allows you to switch from “balance” to high performance.
Anything other than that will actually run the computer slower, in favour of using less energy or staying cool.

Return the laptop while you still can.
Or trade it for a better one.
Edit: if you post the specs here before buying most likely someone can tell you if it will run SketchUp smoothly. That is, if you provide more information about your SketchUp use and needs!
You could provide us with a typical model for instance…