Sketchup together with Win got moved to a new SSD - now licensing issues with plugins

hi there,

we moved our main partition with windows and all apps to a new ssd on a new machine.
basically all fine and working but when firing up sketchup there pop up several messages reading that the sketchup licence cant be validated…

i deinstalled sketchup and reinstalled it, hoping the problem would be away but unfortunately it persists.

so question: what files and folders and registry stuff would i need to delete so the new install is all fresh and clean?

thanks for any help

Deleting registers or program files on your local machine doesn’t do anything with registered info on the SketchUp servers that keep track of where and how many machines are licensed to do this or that extension or activation of SketchUp itself.

You need to actively remove licenses on the old machine before installing or moving stuff to the new one.

Extensions that have a ‘license or activation’ menu item, need to be deactivated via those menu’s , extension warehouse extensions should be managed through the extension manager.

Removing the license on the old machine would free up an activation for the new machine, but it wouldn’t immediately fix the new machine. To fix the new one, remove the license (that it doesn’t like) then add the license again. Even though it’s exactly the same license, adding it back in will then use the MAC address of the new machine. The existing added license is using the MAC address of the old machine.

hey guys,

thanks for the infos - next time when changing hardware, i guess i will have to make a migration plan :slight_smile:

fortunate enough that all devs are super kind and things are resolved allready thanks to their help for each individual plugin! that is what i really enjoy in the sketchup community!

best, fa

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