Changing laptops, license not working

Hey, Ive newly changed laptop and I’ve looked out and wiped my old laptop of all data. However, I stil can’t get my sketch license to work on my new laptop.

please help!

always remember to release licenses before uninstalling / wiping

go to the sketchup license manager (link from SketchUp’s website) and see if you can release it there

You have a subscription, and so can do something about it if you forgot to sign out from an old machine.

See what I just wrote in this other post:

so if I delete this one I can log in with my new laptop?

thank you!

if I delete the user here I can log in on my new laptop?

Thanks everyone, it worked!

If that user is not you, then yes, you can remove them and add you.

As it’s an EDU subscription, I wasn’t sure that you had control over that.

For the deauthorizing option you would be in My Products, and not in Members.

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