SketchUp to Sketchfab - 2D plans + 3D model?

Good afternoon all,

Im looking at refining my workflow from SU to sketchfab and I really like when a 3D model is overlayed onto a 2D drawing like found in the link. Does anyone know how to do this? everything I try doesnt show the lines on the 2D paper once in Sketchfab.


How do you export the model in Sketchfab?
Did you also export the texture with that 2D plane?

I tried a few things for example using a jpg in SU also just inserting the DWG into SU and drawing a component to represent a bit of paper for the DWG, i think export using the SF plugin. I always export textures but the lines never appear.

A DWG won’t work - as SketchFab doesn’t render edges.

I exported as FBX and uploaded it - however SketchUp doesn’t embed the textures and will create a folder with the texture in it (the image)

After you’ve uploaded the geometry to SketchFab, you’ll need to find the material for the picture - go to base colour and upload the texture from that folder

Alternatively, use the SketchUp uploader extension
SketchUp - Exporters - Sketchfab

Which will take the textures with it

what options do i need to select if i use the upload plugin? also do i need to assigned the 2D drawing a material.

Currently im PDFing a DWG and from the PDF im jpegging. Im importing the JPEG into SU and then adding a block ontop to test. From here im uploding to SF and no lines are apearing. Everything is white on the model.

Needs to be a jpeg and you need to choose the “export textures” option.

You’ll need to get the API key from your SketchFab acccount settings and paste that into the exporter

Thats what iv been doing all along. no luck

Works every time here

Have you tried a smaller image? If it is giant it might take a long time to load in.

Here is the one I just used

TEST.skp (90.1 KB)

yer i can see the image in SF but what i need is all the lines on the drawing (jpeg)

test 5.skp (1.6 MB)
take no notice whats on the Jpeg is just a test. See if you can make it work?

Have you exploded your imported image before sending to SketchFab? Exploding an image converts it into a texture, or material in the model.

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Bingo! that works.

Thank you all for your help.


Uploading your image straight as is gave the same problem (you could assign it manually)- but importing it again seemed to be ok