Sketchup to Layout viewing problem

Hi! When I export my 2D floor plan from Sketchup to Layout, the sliding doors are viewing as if they are filled with black instead of having just a black outline and white centre. It is only displaying this way for 2 of the 4 doors. I have tried re-drawing the ractangles, I have tried filling the area again with white, I have tried deleting the fill altogether, i have copy and pasted the ones that look normal. When I double click on the floor plan you can view the doors normally, it is just when you are in the full page viewing mode that it changes. Any tips???

In SketchUp try to move all the doors 1 mm above the 2D plane of the floor.

Thanks for the advice, I tried this but it didn’t make any difference. I’m abit stumped.

I just looked at my floorplan and can see that the bedroom around the doors does not have any fill. How do I refill this area if it has been deleted?

From what you described, probably like this

But learn the basics of SketchUp, especially about groups and components.