Sketchup to Layout - references

Seemingly randomly, some plans, sections or elevation views in Layout have a subtle background color, while most have the desired 100% transperent background.

Seems to be a Sketchup reference issue?

What are the background style settings for the scenes in SetchUp? Are all the viewports being rendered with the same setting in LayOut? (Vector, Raster, Hybrid) Do you have the same Background setting selected for all in the SketchUp inspector window? could you share the LO file? If you don’t want to share it publicly, you could share it privately with a PM.

Dave - reading over your response I realize I have plenty of basics to learn about SU/LO. Have been using SU off and on for years. Know just enough to make models I am happy with, tho prob inefficiently. Strongly considering upgrading to 2016 but leery of having to redo a lot of work with new versions - would do it tho if makes sense.

To answer ur question: I am only somewhat familiar w style settings - SU scenes are Default Style for perspectives "Default colors. Shaded with textures facestyle. Sky enabled. Brown background color. 3px profile lines."
Engineering Style for ortho views, “White overall with a light blue back face color.”

Not sure about LO - Vector, Rastor, Hybrid setting. Didn’t know I had these options.

By SU Inspector window do you mean the primary screen view of model in SU? Looks like scenes default to certain settings depending on type of view chosen?

Happy to share files privately - let me know how.

Lots of stuff to answer from your post but it might be kind of involved. How about setting up a time to do a personalized tour and tutorial? I can make that happen.

A few basic things: I would set up a basic custom style. I prefer a white background instead of a colored one but it depends upon your needs. this would be done in SketchUp. Of course you can use more than one style in a model because they are scene specific.

SketchUp inspector window: This is a window in the tray in LayOut (typically on the right side of the screen) which gives you some options for settings related to how the SketchUp model is displayed. You can choose a scene, scale for ortho views, and rendering type. Vector gives you vector lines from the SketchUp edges and only colors for painted faces. Raster gives you textures and the edges are also raster. Hybrid gives you vector edges and raster textures.

To share your file with me privately, click on my name at the top of this post and choose Message. You might need another post under your belt before you can send a private message. Then click on the Upload button above the message text window. It’s just to the right of </>.


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