SketchUp to layOut problem

Hi Im having problem on my layOut, there is no Template in layOut everytime I send SketchUp to layout

Show what you see when you send to LayOut.

If you go to LayOut’s Preferences and look at Startup, which of the first three radio buttons is selected?

This is what is showing when i send to layout
I don’t have any Templates

Close both SketchUp and LayOut. Download the latest installer for SketchUp 2021 from Download All | SketchUp. Then right click on the installer, choose Run as administrator, and then Repair. After it completes, do a cold reboot of your computer. Turn the power off completely and restart it. See if the behavior changes.

It wouldn’t hurt to also check with the graphics card manufacturer and get their latest drivers to install.

okay I will try. tnx i will update you what will happened.

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Your best option is to create and save your own layout templates in a local folder. Instead of using “send to layout”, open the template, save as and “insert” the sketchup model. You will have much more consistent results and consistency will be much faster.