Sketchup to Layout: My image is cropping

Hello, When I send a view of my model to Layout the image crops. I need to be able to see the whole image. I have also made scenes of my model but can’t get them to export to layout. Please help!

Most likely you just need to drag the edges of the viewport in LO. Share your LayOut file so we can see exactly what you have and give you an exact fix.

If you set up a scene in SU right and picked it right in LO, all should be well. But be careful about parallel and perspective scenes.

Hi @DaveR Thanks for your response…

LO-help 1.pdf (106.0 KB)

LO-Help2.pdf (139.7 KB)

I tried dragging the edges out, but it’s still cropped…

I am not quite sure what this means. I chose some views that I want in LO and made them into scenes, is this right? When I try to insert them into LO it keeps the same scene, even though I’ve changed the the scene. I should probably watch some beginner LO tutorials

Please share the actual LayOut file.

It might be that you need to first tick the box for Preserve scale during resize in the Sketchup Model panel.

Cab. 6.layout (474.9 KB)

Currently the model fits on the page as it is. The viewport hangs off a bit but the model is all on the page.

You can change the size of the viewport and the model will size with it or you can tick the box for Preserve scale and resize the viewport without affecting the apparent size of the model.

I would at least right click on the viewport and choose Center>Vertically on page.

When you initially insert a model into LayOut, the viewport will be created with the same aspect ratio as the SketchUp model window.

When I look at your file, only scene 3 appears cropped. Scaling the viewport’s height a bit down fixes that.

great thank you!
Can you also please tell me how to add pages with the other scenes?

Click on the Add Page button in the toolbar at the top. (a page with a + on it) and then copy the viewport from the previous page and paste it on the new page. Change the scene in the SketchUp Model panel. Or go to the Pages menu and click Duplicate. Then select the viewport and change the scene in the SketchUp Model panel.

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Is this a thing you are trying to develop into a plan for construction?

yes, I am

Thank you

How much detail do you need to be able to show in this plan? Is it something for your own use or do you have to pass this off to someone else for construction? I’m wondering because the way your model is constructed–all loose geometry–makes it impossible to create things like exploded views or show joinery details.

I see. Yes I want to be able to hand my drawing off to a builder.
I believe I need to make each cabinet as a component ?

It depends on the detail that the builder requires so you should check with them. It may be that the builder will be able to look at your model and know exactly what you want and you can let them get on with it. Or it might be that you need to show each cabinet as a component or maybe you need to detail the construction of each cabinet which would require making components of each piece that goes into making each cabinet. I guess I would talk to the builder to see what they are expecting.

It’s not pretty but in this case all the info is there for the builder to be able to build from it! However I would like to improve and make my drawings more conducive to the builder. It would be really nice to be able to explode this into the different components and then have each component dimensioned.

It’s certainly possible to do this sort of thing. In fact I do this quite frequently. For example here’s a model I did a few months back for plans. Every part or the model is a component.

That allows for making exploded views. Obviously this is the exploded view of the case. There are separate scenes showing exploded views of the doors and drawers.

And there are views of the parts in 2D to use for dimensions and showing other details.

Making each part as a component means they aren’t stuck together as in your model and details for joinery and such can be added. Also, by using components throughout (instead of groups) changes to the model are easily handled in the assembled copy of the model with assurance that the changes will be shown in all of the other views as well.

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Wow, stunning! In order to make exploded views, as well as (3rd pict you sent) the view of the parts in 2D I must make every part a different component?