Sketchup Tags?

Has anyone had trouble with tags automatically turning on in scenes where they were previously turned off? I have been fighting this in the attached file.

Not sure if this is the culprit but I did noticed today that when saving to Trimble Connect the tags that were off in my created scenes were now turned on.

House_5801 Allerton Dr…skp (11.4 MB)

Did You update (right-click) the scene prior to saving?

After selecting which tags I want active I go and uncheck and recheck the visible tags box in the scene tray.

That should correctly resave the visibility state of the tags for the current scene, or group of scenes selected. Not sure why they would revert. If you add a new tag that will appear in every scene unless you take steps to prevent it? Can’t reproduce the problem in your file. I do use TC but have not experienced tags turning themselves on.

Did you click on the icon referenced by the arrow after making the changes?

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