Default Tag and new tag visibility

I have two questions buzzing round my head.


Ok so we know that we should always keep the default tag as the active tag/layer and and it should always remain visible. When for what ever reason you have accidently broken this rule and a non default tag has become active it can be a real pain.

I am therefore unsure as to why sketchup allows you to make a tag other than default the active tag.

I am sure that there must be a reason and that it is probably really useful in certain circumstances. So my question is what are those circumstances.


With a number of scenes set up adding an additional tag in one scene obviously adds it to all scenes with visibility set to on. This means that you then have to work through all your scenes and switch visibility off where that tag is not wanted.

I have looked without success to find a preference setting that would allow me to add new tags with visibility set to off. So that I can just switch it on where it is needed which is much less effort.

I cannot think that my work flow is at fault here we cannot predict every tag in advance.

Any thoughts on how people handle this would be welcomed.

  1. When you add dimensions, or guides.
  1. Use Auto-Invisible Layer extension.

Thank you Mihai, The Auto-Invisible Layer Extension works a treat. And yes I have just experimented with guides and have the tag as active has kept the guides just for that scene which is indeed very useful.

Thank you that is really helpful.

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